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Declaration with regards to the use of cookies
Your Privacy Protection is important to us and we value your visit to our Website. This Cookies Notice (the “Notice”) explains how (the “Webpage”) use cookies and similar technologies. It explains what these technologies are and how we use them, including your rights to control our use of them. We refer to the Website, all functions, functionalities and content therein as the “Services”.
The Services are provided by Fæbrik AS (“we”, “us”, “our”). We use cookies to differentiate you from all the other users of our Website, and to understand what information and advertisement is best suited to you and other visitors. This also helps provide you with the best possible user experience when using our Website. By using our Website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. For more useful information on cookies, please visit
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed locally on your computer or mobile device via your web browser when you visit a site. Such locally stored data can for example contain user settings, information on how you browsed our Website, what web browser you are using, which advertisements you have been shown and corresponding behaviour on other websites with which we cooperate. “Temporary Cookies” are cookies which are temporarily stored on your device while you are using our Services. “Permanent Cookies” are stored on your device for a given period of time after you have left our Website. They can stay on your computer for 24 hours, a week or several years, depending on their function. This means that these cookies survive after your browser is closed and can be used by our Website to recognize your computer when you reopen your browser later.
Why we use cookies
Cookies help us to better understand your expectations of our Website and, as a result, allow us, among other strategies, to offer our visitors a pleasant and sustainable experience. Here are examples of how we use information collected from cookies:
  • Learn how you use our Website (for example your login details, how far you have come in your order, etc.);
  • Identify you from other users on our Website;
  • Provide you with a customised user experience that is unique for you;
  • Improve your user experience next time you visit our Website;
  • Enable us to make relevant offers available to you when visiting other websites and platforms in an attempt to advertise our Services to you.
Type of cookies we use
We use both first-party and third-party cookies on our Website:
  • First-party cookies: These cookies are created by the Faebrik Website. They are, for the most part, used to allow you to browse our Website and use its features, and are in most instances used to identify language and location preferences or to provide basic website functionality. If you for example leave a comment on our Website you can choose to save your name and email address to a cookie. This is stored so that you do not need to fill in this information every time you write a new comment on the Website. Most of the cookies we use are persistent and will expire between 30 minutes and two years from the date they are downloaded to your device.
  • Third-party cookies: In addition to our proprietary Cookies, some third-party and affiliated companies may place cookies on your computer, access them and associate web beacons with them. These cookies enable third-party features or functionalities to be provided on or through the Website. The parties that set these third-party cookies can recognize your device both when it visits our Website and also when it visits certain other websites. The following third-party cookies are implemented (or will be implemented) om the Website:

  • Google Analytics
    We use Google Analytics to understand how you use our Website so that we can improve your user experience as well as measure the success of our marketing campaigns.
    Google AdWords
    We use Google AdWords to understand if you complete specific actions on our Website after you have seen or clicked on one of our advertisements shown via Google AdWords. Based on the content that you have interacted with on our Website, we will better be able to customise advertisements to be shown on Google, YouTube and on other Google affiliated websites.
    We use Facebook Pixel to understand if you complete specific actions on our Website after you have seen or clicked on one of our advertisements shown on Facebook. Based on the content that you have interacted with on our Website, we will better be able to customise advertisements to be shown on Facebook and on other Facebook affiliated websites.


    Digital download


    We use Digital Download to send emails to our customers containing purchased patterns.



    EU Cookiebar 
    This app is used to manage cookie notifications to our users.
    Shopify Email: 
    This app is used to send news letters to those of our users that have accepted this service.
    SGU Generator
    We use this app to manage our digital warehouse.

    How are cookies used for marketing purposes?
    We use third-party cookies from other companies that can use information about your visit to our Website and to other websites to provide you with relevant advertisements which you may have an interest in. These companies can also use cookies to measure the effect of their advertisement. We do not use cookies to create a profile of your browsing history on third party websites. Information collected via third parties does not give us access to personally identifiable information such as your name or other contact details, unless you specifically chose to provide us with these details. We do however use aggregated data from third parties to show you relevant, interest based advertising.

    How do I reject and delete cookies?
    You can decide whether to accept or reject cookies. You can exercise your cookie preferences by managing cookies from your web browser. As the means by which to activate or deactivate cookies varies from one web browser to another, you should visit your web browser's help menu for more information on cookie preferences:
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Remember that most web browsers accept cookies automatically. If you do not want the cookies to be used, you may have to actively delete the cookies. If you choose to deactivate all cookies, you may continue to use certain parts of our Website. However, some useful features may not work anymore. By using our Website without rejecting or deleting some or all of the cookies, you agree to us placing those cookies that you have not rejected or deleted on your device.
    Changes to the Cookies Notice
    This Notice may be revised occasionally and in accordance with operational or legal requirements. Any changes made will be reflected on this Website. Please re-visit this Cookie Notice regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies.

    If you have any questions, please contact: 
    Date of last revision for this Cookie Notice: 30 July 2020